Our aim as organization is to promote and develop projects that take all of us to a better life quality, for social and productive integration trying to increase self esteem and attitude changes for disable and conventional people. Throwing down social barriers that create separation and providing common spaces for creativity in a cultural, social and learning Exchange. Exploring and increasing potentialities in young people, adults and elders in vulnerable situation trough creative and communicational tools, allowing self expression, human development and life quality improvement. Our commitment is: - To promote education as a tool with equal opportunities for everyone.  - Encourage citizen participation in educational and cultural network.  - Guiding and accompanying inhabitants’ inquiries and needs for improving life quality.  - Fostering rights defense and integration of vulnerable groups.  - Promoting volunteering, solidarity and human values. - To guide and accompanying integrating issues working together with other organizations.  - Stimulate in each being the search of new opportunities in the area of arts as a Project according to the creative needs of each person.

- Stimulate abilities in everyone increasing self esteem and respecting differences.

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