Aycs - Take Awareness Program

Made by: Civil Association aycs ( Arts and Culture Health ) and Boys Foundation Naturalist
Support this program: IBM Argentina s.r.l.
Program: BECOMING AWARE TOPIC A: ¨Costa del Río de la Plata and Wetlands"
TOPIC B: ¨Mural, concepts and construction¨ Context to develop: Elementary School No. 1 - morning and afternoon shifts
Address: Corrientes 1441 - Olivos- Buenos Aires
Directed by: LUIS VANIER



Changes you live day to day in the environment and the deterioration caused by the lack of environmental awareness necessitate bringing children activities that involve its environment.
This project aims to internalize the kids to the place where they live , care and respect for nature and natural resources from activities , creative and artistic research.

In this way , children can become multiplying agents of change, creating a healthy environment for them and the community to enjoy.


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